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Transitioning from Aqua Babies to Level 1

A child’s “graduation” from Aqua Babies (Parent-and-me) classes can bring with it some challenges. Below are some guidelines that will help your child through this transition. 1. The week prior to your child’s first level 1 class, talk to them several times about “Swimming in the big boy/big girl class.” 2. When you and your… Read more »

The Journey of Learning to Swim

Many parents view learning to swim as a one-time event. Often we hear a mom or dad say, “My child learned to swim on such and such a day.” In reality, learning to swim is not a one-time event, but rather a journey that consists of many phases and steps. The length of the journey… Read more »

The Changes that Occur as Children Learn to Swim

Learning to swim is an experience that challenges children physically and psychologically. There are several types of changes that occur when a student learns to swim. As you watch your student progress, their skills change both quantitatively and qualitatively. The difference between these changes is important to note. A quantitative change has to do with a… Read more »

The Benefits of Swimming Lessons

Safety Safety is perhaps the most important reason to enroll your child in swimming lessons. Here in Henderson and Las Vegas, statistically 1 in 4 houses has a pool. Because of this, every child must know how to swim. World-wide, drowning is the second leading cause of death for children under 14 years of age…. Read more »

3 Water Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know

Swimming Lessons Every child should know how to swim. This is the most important safeguard that any family can have. A child that does not know how to swim will panic if they fall into a body of water. A panicking child who does not know how to swim has very little chance of survival… Read more »