What is the class ratio?
We have a 4-1 student-to-teacher ratio in our learn-to-swim classes, and a maximum of 6 babies/toddlers in our Aqua Babies classes. Our small class sizes are crucial to our students’ progress.

How young can my child start their lessons?
We start lessons as young as 6 months old. We wait until 6 months, because we want to make sure that the child can hold their head up very well, before we put them in lessons.

Is your pool heated?
Yes. The pool is always 92 degrees. 92 is considered skin temperature, so you get in the water, and your body doesn’t change temperature at all.

What happens if I miss a class?
Each child is allowed 1 makeup class per month for each paid spot. So if you are going to miss a class, let us know ahead of time that you are going to miss the class, and then after you miss, we can book a makeup lesson. Once a makeup is booked it can’t be changed, and there are no makeups for missed makeups. Makeups must be used within 30 days of the missed class, and they cannot be used after a cease date of regular classes.

Can I come on different days each week?
We require that you register for a set day and time, so that your child is in the same class each week, with the same instructor. That instructor will get to know your child, and be able to tailor the lesson plan to your child’s ability. You are not locked into your time slot long-term. If you book in for a Monday class, for example, and then a couple of months down the road you decide that you need a different day or time, we can change your class. If you cannot commit to the same day/time each week, please inquire with our customer service representatives about our drop-in classes.

How long has your swim school been here?
We have been around for a while. We started out back in 2008 teaching backyard swim lessons, and we opened this facility in June of 2013.

Is your pool saltwater or chlorine?
We actually use ultraviolet (UV) purification. Ultraviolet disinfection is the only proven effective method to sterilize pools from germs such as crypto and giardia. Even many hospitals are now using UV light to sterilize their operating rooms! We also keep a chlorine residual in the pool, per health department regulations. It is a little known fact that even saltwater pools contain chlorine as well.

How long does it take for a child to learn to swim?
Every child is different. It depends on whether the child is afraid of the water at all. It depends on their listening skills, their separation anxiety, and their athleticism. Because of all of these variables, it is impossible to give a set time frame. Every child is evaluated on an individual basis. Whenever the teacher feels that your child has mastered their skill, they will call the deck supervisor over and do a skill check on that class. If your child demonstrates their skill proficiently, and they meet our passing criteria, then we track it on our schedules, and their progress gets input into our computer system.  They are awarded a bracelet at the end of every level, and when your child passes their level, the deck supervisor will inform whoever brought your child to class that day.

Do you offer ISR lessons?
No. We are a gentle touch swim school. We do teach our kids to self rescue, and we teach roll-over breathing, but we do it in a gentle way. ISR is a highly aggressive swim program which traumatizes some children; whereas in our program, children not only learn water safety, but they also learn to love the water.

Do you offer free trial classes?
You are always welcome to come and observe a class before signing up, but unfortunately, we are not able to offer free trial classes. We offer the lowest student/teacher ratio in the valley, and our schedule is over 90% booked. We simply do not have enough openings to accommodate free trial classes.