Safety is perhaps the most important reason to enroll your child in swimming lessons. Here in Henderson and Las Vegas, statistically 1 in 4 houses has a pool. Because of this, every child must know how to swim. World-wide, drowning is the second leading cause of death for children under 14 years of age. Here at All Star Swim Academy, we are striving to overcome that statistic. Drowning is preventable, if parents would simply ensure that their children know how to swim. Our goal is to come alongside families here in the valley and teach their children a life-saving skill . The time and the financial investment of swimming lessons are well worth it, simply to know that your child has the ability to self-rescue if they find themselves in a circumstance where it is necessary.


Swimming is one of the best exercises that a person can do. It significantly increases core strength, and it improves circulation and heart health. Swimming is also great for children and adults who suffer with asthma. It increases lung capacity and promotes healthy respiratory functions. Swimming is easy on the joints, and it builds long, lean muscles.


In the busy world in which we live, sometimes it is easy to forget that kids need to have fun too! One great aspect of swimming lessons at All Star Swim Academy is the fact that we offer fantastic class structures that efficiently develop skills, while still promoting a child’s enjoyment of the water.  Our kids love our classes so much that swimming is usually the highlight of their week! Many of our families will attest to the fact that their children count down the days until their next swimming lesson! We strive to help every child develop a healthy relationship with the water that will carry through for a lifetime.