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Our Strategic Swimming© Curriculum develops proper technique for all 4 competitive strokes. Each level consists of approximately 8-10 skills, which the student must master. Each of our levels enforces water safety and technique, so that our students swim with ease, efficiency, and endurance. The primary objectives of each of our Learn-to-Swim levels is listed below.

Level 1

Introduction to Aquatic Skills

Primary Objectives:

To establish comfort, breath control, buoyancy, and balance

Level 2

Fundamental Aquatic Skills

Primary Objectives:

To develop an efficient kick, to learn roll-over breathing, to introduce freestyle arms, and to learn to "self rescue"

Level 3

Stroke Development

Primary Objectives:

To develop freestyle and backstroke, to introduce butterfly body motion, to estalish under water swimming and to further treading water skills

Level 4

Stroke Improvement

Primary Objectives:

To refine freestyle and backstroke so that the swimmer can move through the water with ease and power over greater distances, to introduce breaststroke and butterfly drills

Level 5

Stroke Refinement

Primary Objectives:

To perfect breaststroke and butterfly, to introduce flip turns, to increase endurance and stamina, to build power, to increase speed

Level 6

Swim Team

Primary Objectives:

To introduce the swimmer to the competitive environment of the sport, to learn how to use basic swim team equipment, to prepare the swimmer for higher levels of competition

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